Benevolence and Backpack Buddy Ministries had a very busy and fruitful year in 2021! Our Benevolence Team helped 170 families in the Leeds area with assistance totaling more than $30, 500.00. This includes help with food, clothing, prescriptions, utilities, lodging, and more.
Benevolence also, with the help of church members, provided 22 families with more than 45 pairs of new athletic shoes for Christmas.
Our Backpack Team purchased, packed and delivered more than 700 bags of supplemental weekend meals for children at the Leeds Primary School. These snack pack bags are sent home each week with students who have been identified by their teachers as being at risk.
With your help, these two ministries will continue to bless those in need in real ways by showing them the love of our Heavenly Father.
Please consider giving to Coins of Compassion.
Jim Fowler, Benevolence Chairman